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For Quotes, Pricing, and Sales Info please contact: 

Kevin Schmidt



Rogers Electro-Matics would like to provide any current and future partner's a quote for your manufacturing needs. This webpage is designed with our customers' needs in mind. We want to make sure that all of the necessary documentation that is needed to build your job is present at the time of the quote. That way we can accurately provide you with quote for your products(s).

Please review the list below and fill out the form. This information will be forwarded to our internal sales department and we will respond to your request within 3 business days. There is no limit to complexity, lead-time, or material requirements to allow Rogers Electro-Matics to demonstrate our unsurpassed value as a contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

Thank you for contacting Rogers Electro-Matics. We look forward to becoming your manufacturing partner!

Things We Need To Know From You

1. Bill of Materials

• List of all components on the printed circuit board

2. Schematic (If we are testing the products functionally)

3. Gerber Data

• Board outline

• Solder mask layer(s)

• Copper layer(s)

• Silk screen layer(s)

• Paste layer(s)

• NC Drill (Plated and Non-plated holes)

• Fabrication File

• Centroid Data (data used to program out machines)


4. Fabrication File

• This should call out the color, size (dimensions), material used, weight of copper ( 1 oz., 2 oz., etc.), color of silk screen, impedance stack up, and any other special request for bare board manufacturing)

5. Readme File

• This should call out what all files within the build package contains. E.g - r= Top solder mask layer

6. Build Quantity - Estimated Annual Usage

7. Test Instructions

( If we are testing the product we would need a test procedure and any firmware, programming, etc. files needed to test the product)


8. Revision

9. Extra Bare Boards

10. Approximate release schedule

• E.g. 1200 EAU with releases of 100/month

11. Target price

12. Required lead time

13. Expedite options

Image by Alexandre Debiève

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